Review: Maclaren Mum

Now I am not sure if you know about my luck with buggies but let’s just say in 10 months we’ve had 6.

I have been desperate to find one that is up to my first time mum safety standards, looks bright and colourful, that is light weight and comfy.

I contacted Maclaren Baby UK on twitter begging for the chance to review a buggy and was completely chuffed when they said yes. Hoping that by Halloween our buggy horrors would be over.

Over the next month we’ll continually be testing out the Maclaren Quest Sport. We will be conquering the hills of Brighton, the tubes in London and a family wedding in Welwyn Garden City.

So far we have zoomed around Brighton central on a busy shopping saturday, carried the buggy and mooched around the marina car boot sale and zipped to nursery and back again.

Our first impressions are good, our first weekend of testing has included a comfortable sleep – an easy to use mechanism for lowering the back of the buggy for nodding off or stairing at the clouds and folding down with baby in arms an easy task compared to previous purchases.

You can follow Maclaren UK on twitter here They do answer questions quickly where possible and I’ll be doing a Maclaren FAQ blog with Mini Mc’s road testing!

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