Review // Little Brian Chalk Sticks

A few weeks ago we were sent some lovely paint sticks and chalk sticks from Little Brian. As we had the 2 week October half term coming up this seemed a great craft idea to see us through the cold school holiday.

The children have loved decorating our balcony window with these paints and it has been a much loved activity for the last few weeks. They have done various designs, had friends come over to draw some huge artwork. The chalks have been a real hit. As the chalks are a creamy texture there isn’t much mess.

The colours are quite vibrant and I didn’t expect that they would be as easy to clean off. BUT they are super easy to clean of the windows – see the video below of me doing this to show you.

I am also going to be cleaning off the window later in the month and designing a Christmas mural across the window.

I think these are brilliant. I am not a parent that loves messy play so these are a fab compromise on that. It has been so enjoyable to see the kids drawing all over the windows and i am sure that has saved my walls from toddler scribbles too!

Chalk sticks and paint sticks are available on amazon from £5.99


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