Review // Irish Fairy Door Company

When the Irish Fairy Door Company heard that Fizz was feeling a little down in the dumps towards the end of the school year last year they offered to send her a few things to perk her up. There was no offer to review, they just wanted to give her a smile!

They sent us a worry plaque which arrived with Evie-Bee and her fairy door! All address to Fizz rather than me to make sure the parcel was super special to her. Of course it was and Evie Bee has been a best friend since! When Fizz feels like she cannot talk to us she leaves Evie notes and we reply as her. It makes it easy to talk about worry and feelings without any pressure. In fact she was super disappointed a few weeks ago when Evie didn’t reply (she hadn’t spotted a hidden note!).

Fast forward a few months and they also sent a no more worries kit. This kit is perfect as it can travel around with us and Evie where as the original worry plaque is a bit too big for that. I love that the kit is so thoughtful with a feelings journal included which means if your child isnt able to share their anxious feelings with you they can write them down and choose when they feel they can share.

Sometime I find it hard to communicate with Fizz so things like this often open a door of communication that we are struggling with. At 8 years old there is a lot of change going on for her especially now she has two younger brothers here and there are the fights for attention and to be heard. I find that 121 time with each child is a necessity for the wellbeing of our family. Every voice needs to be heard, understood and connections built between us.

Do you struggle with talking to your child about their feelings or do they clam up when you try to talk to them?


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