Review // Hornby Santa Express Train

Hornby got in touch with an opportunity to review their Hornby Santa Express Train (priced at £69.99). Billed as the perfect Christmas gift we were interested to see how we would use this in the lead up to Christmas especially with the children.

  Included in the set is a engine, colourful livery, 1600mm by 1180mm oval track and mat.

As our tree is quite small it’s definitely not one to pop around the tree this christmas. However if you have a real tree this would be perfect around the base of the tree, we did use Fizz’s bedroom tree as the centrepiece in our videos.

The track took around 20 minutes to put together and isn’t made for the kids to put together. It does need delicate hands.

We decided not to use the train in front of JediBoy – for one it wouldn’t last long in toddler has. This is a saver item that you’d want to use every christmas until the kids grow up and then to use with your grandchildren! As a granddaughter of a granddad that had train sets in his attic it was lovely to see Gav and Fizz have fun with this. They both loved it and Gav definitely showed his geeky side when he was putting it together and playing with it.

This is a piece you would want to use over years and will gradually become part of our christmas traditions. It is a piece we will enjoy over the years and pass on through the family.


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