Review // Greentom UPP Buggy First Impressions

When I first heard of the Greentom UPP I couldn’t wait to try it. The 100% recycled pram is obviously going to cause a storm. It’s a very unique concept and one which is commendable. When I was offered a chance to give one a go with Froglet (and in November as a travel system with baby) I jumped at the chance. To say this buggy fits right into Brighton and it’s recycle mad households is an understatement. But would this buggy tick the boxes? Here is what I think after our first week. 


    When it arrived the packaging was minimal and so you can see their ethos of minimal waste is carried through all of the business. I managed to make the buggy with some help from Fizz within around 15 minutes.


The only part I had an issue with was the shopping basket and this was totally my fault. After being heavy handed with the plastic screws needed I managed to wear away the screwdriver grooves. When the replacements arrive I’ll leave this bit to Gav!


I was surprised how roomy the buggy is and as you can see Fizz (5.5years) managed to get in and have a go before her brother. It’s quite tall and wide for a stroller and so it means that it should last until your stroller days are over!




 So far we have used the buggy on an afternoon out and on school runs. Given the lack of suspension it’s actually done really well on the terrain near our home which is bumpy to say the least. I’ve been told by Nicola at Great Expectations that  this is because the totally plastic frame will have more give than one made of metal and so the frame absorbs any bumps.

Froglet seems very comfy in the buggy too. It’s spacious with loads of growing room. The only thing lacking in space is the shopping basket which I have managed to fit a shop for that nights tea or a sling in. But in comparison to using the rest of the buggy and our use of it so far this is the only downside we have found.


 The fold down is easy and the buggy is freestanding which means that if you have minimal space this can fit easily into a small nook when not in use. I also quite like having a one handed stroller rather than a two handed one as it makes it easier to hold hands with Fizz or grab something Froglet needs while still maintaining control over the buggy too. 

The UPP £199 and available direct from Greentom or if you are in Brighton like me head down to Great Expectations for a test drive! 

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