Review // Glitter Hatchimal

Fizz has been after an hatchimal for AGEEESSSSS! I had not heard much about them until christmas where they were the must have toy! We didn’t succeed in getting on but you can imagine Fizz’s delight when she was being told she would get a glitter hatchimal in exchange for her honest option about it!

The hatchimal arrived and quite quickly it was making cooing and other sounds. Fizz was delighted and so excited with anticipation for what would hatch! We decided to take some video footage as I don’t think you realise how it all happens until you see it!

The hatchimal took over an hour to hatch. It often fell asleep (hatching is tiring work lol). It really did mean that Fizz was so excited by the time the hatching all happened!

When the hatchimal (Fizz has named her Elizabeth) finally arrived Fizz’s face was a picture! It was amazing how lovely the whole process was and Fizz has acted like a little parent to her new friend since it’s arrival too!

The lovely thing about these is you really don’t know what you’ll get inside, they range in colour so it really is a surprise. I can see why these are so loved by the kids!

Fizz has already added them to this years birthday and christmas lists, showed it to friends who have asked for them too. It seems to me that this toy wants just a one year christmas fad but one that will span to this year too. Be sure to get in quick and grab one while you can! Priced at £65.99 it’s up there with special toys and not a frivolous purchase but a great one.

I can guarantee that it is one toy that will make sure your child feels super special this christmas!



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