Review // Give Yourself A Glow

A few weeks ago I was asked to review the new face oil by Angela Langford. The Bloom and Glow face oil (rrp £20.50) says that its offered radiance and restoring. As I age I know that looking after my skin gets increasingly important from wind to sun damage my face is the one place always on show so I was see to see what difference the oil could make. I’ve also never used a face oil!

Day 1 – I was keen to use this as soon as it arrived but I kept it to start a new morning routine. I used a cleanser after my shower to make sure that my face was throughly clean and could absorb the oil easily. Two drops is all that is needed but knowing my skin needed a glow I used 3 for the first few days. There is a handy pipette in the bottle to make sure you can measure out easily. The oil went on really nicely and didn’t feel greasy at all.

Day 3 – I made sure to pop this in my bag for a trip to my local spa. I used it after my post sauna shower.

Day 5 – I start to get compliments! I’ve been told by a few people this week that my skin looks glowing and healthy! I have started to notice the difference in how it has made my skin look. It has helped that I have stuck to using the oil every day. I get a much glowier look on skin then i have done with cream based moisturiser.

Day 14 – I have used about a 1/5th of the bottle so far. This shows the product has good value compared to my usual moisturiser which is now very much redundant. With the summer coming it is nice to feel my skin is healthy and looks well. I aim to carry on with the oil and it’s definitely an investment I would purchase once this bottle runs out.


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