Fizz Reviews Fuzzikins

Recently Fizz, aged 9, was sent a pack of Fuzzikins to review. All thoughts are her own without any help from mum!

Fuzzikins are a toy that you design and colour yourself before you play with them. They’re washable to great for doing different designs on too.

The bedtime bunnies we were sent can be found on Amazon for a very reasonable £11.08 with free delivery right now.

Here is what she thought:

I thought the bedtime bunnies were really fun. I loved colouring them in and was able to wash them if I made a mistake or wanted to change the designs.

I got 3 in my pack in 3 sizes. They also came with outfits – a cape, 3 sleeping bags as well as loads of stickers to decorate them with. I made one into a superhero.

They came with their own pens but these ran out very quickly and we managed to use some other washable pens we have at home.

I love having them on display in my room and think they’re great for Easter treats!

Mums Says: I love how the Fuzzkins allow creativity and being washable is a real bonus. They’re cute little figures and great for an alternative Easter present!


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