Review // Furbo Dog Camera

Review // Furbo Dog Camera

Our Furbo Dog Camera arrived a few weeks ago and we have been trialling this with our Akita who had recently been anxious whenever we left the house. Previously we had always left him a treat but this had been untouched upon our return home and we were unable to see what he was doing during our absence, our only indication was a slobbery mess by the front door where we assumed he had been waiting for us to come back.









When the Furbo arrived, the first thing we noticed was how well packaged it was, both externally and internally, and that the materials used to construct the Furbo were a really good quality. It was so quick and easy to set up, including downloading and working through the app for our iPhone. There are no treats included with the Furbo to allow immediate use of the product nor are there any recommendations for treats that are compatible with Furbo. We looked at some reviews online to see what others had recommended and then decided on Wainwright’s Grain Free Duck Meaty Bites for Dogs  – the 100g packet comfortably fills the Furbo dispensing area.

The Furbo is intended to be close to wifi and so I positioned this as close to our router as possible, luckily for us this is within our hallway and at a good position to see what the dog is up to when we are out. I opened the app for the first time and was presented with the HD image from the camera on my phone. Using the app, I was able to take photographs, videos, talk to my dog, and complete the all important task of ‘throwing a treat’ using the app – infact our 3 year old child decided he wanted to try this new game out and was easily able to operate the Furbo from my phone whilst taking great delight that the dog was receiving his treats.

I updated the settings so that I receive notifications on my phone when the Furbo is on and the dog barks at home. The next time we left the house this feature was on and sure enough I received my notification. I instantly opened the Furbo app to see the dog looking at the front door, I opened the microphone to call the dog and get his attention, then dispensed a treat for him which he came to eat. It was a success to distract and comfort him, whilst also providing me with added security to see what had happened at home and if I should have any reason for concern. When we did return home it was to a happy dog and there was no evidence that he had been anxious during our absence as previous.

Occasionally the treats do get stuck in the dispenser and need another attempt to dislodge them but I think this is due to the size of the treats we have been using rather than the design of the Furbo. I did have concerns that one impatient Akita would attempt to knock the Furbo over and remove the lid for where the treats are contained, but it is a very sturdy based product and the lid very secure also, and so we were pleased that not only does it withstand any attempts he might make but also that he isn’t able to overdo his daily treat allowance.

This should be on any dog owners Christmas list this year!


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