Review // Fletter Word Game

We do love a good game that we can play with the children and Fletter is one such game that is fun for any age.

Fletter is a quick fire word game using 110 cards that each have a letter on them. They are great for getting Fizz to spell out her words and also compete against us to get there the quickest too.


I love that this game is quite portable too. It is no bigger than two packs of cards so also makes a perfect travel game. Last week we took it to lunch with us when we met up with friends. They loved shouting it out when they spotted the words and grabbing points to add to their score (similar in scrabble to that respect).

We have enjoyed playing this game so far and it really is a great way to get away from technology and talk as a family too. The littlest one at nearly 4 wants to join and I think it will be handy to adapt the game as he is learning his alphabet and word recognition too.

Fletter is £7.99 and is available to buy from


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