Review // Ergo Adapt First Impressions

Babywearing is something I have loved doing with all the children. It is a practical option for us and means that we can get out of the house much quicker and easier. When we were contacted about the new Ergo Adapt which is from 0-48 months we couldn’t wait to see how it would fit both the boys. Have we finally found a baby carrier that can be used easily with both boys and minimal faffing?

Let’s talk price first – because we know everyone has a budget. The carrier is currently retailing at £109.90. That can seem like a lot of money but do think about the time and thought you put into choosing the right buggy for you and your baby. The same kind of thought should be put into a carrier. Most of my carrier have been around the £100 mark and these only really go up to toddler age. Jedi at 26 months doesn’t really fit well into any of my carriers anymore. To have something that claims it can cover a bigger age range at the same price is a fantastic investment for me.

The second thing I’ve noticed is unlike other carriers the Ergo Adapt doesn’t need an insert for a new born. We had insert style carriers before but they can feel like a faff and to be honest if you want to switch from baby to toddler use then you have to remove and resize. The Ergo Adapt has a clever little internal make up that means you can switch between baby to toddler in seconds. It’s the little things that save time and so this is a very nifty product in that respect.

I’ve used the Ergo with the toddler on my back in the house so far and one walk with the little one and so far it’s quite comfortable. I especially like the extra padding that goes over the waist strap to stop the strap bunching and digging in. I particularly love this feature.

I’ll be testing out the Ergo Adapt even more over the next few weeks so check back to see how we are getting on!


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