Review: Drying Grass from Pure Baby

This nifty item came and as first I was thinking about how strange it looks but that soon changed and now I’d love a couple more for my windowsill.

If you are pushed for space and also confused as to where to dry babies bottles, this is the item for you.Grass – a countertop drying rack looks like plastic grass basically. The plastic grass fits into a draining dry and both parts are dishwasher safe. The blades of grass hold items in place so no chance of anything toppling over and it felt very secure. I managed to fit 3 bottles on at a time with spoons in the gaps.

I have to admit I did also put glasses on this to see if they dried any clearer on it rather than my draining board and they did. This means the item can be used long after baby has grown out of bottles and used by all the family after the sterilisation phase.

It’s made by boon and is available from Pure Baby. Standard delivery is free and items come nicely and securely packaged. You can also follow Pure Baby Ltd on Twitter.

It’s great for keeping babies items seperate to ensure sterilisation.

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