Review: Dribble Bibs by Paula Adams

I have been sent a dribble bib by Sa-Be baby wear. I’m impressed!!
Not only does the bib look very cute and stylish it is very practical too.

Oscar is going through the dreaded teething stage and he produces buckets of dribble on a daily basis which usually ends up all over his clothes meaning a change of top a few times a day or it ends up on my carpet!!

Theses bibs save the day and my water bill!
The bibs are gathered which means all the dribble that would normally go elsewhere gets caught in the bib. It has a nice think fleecy back which keeps Oscars top nice and dry.

If the bib gets to wet you can whip it off easily and put on a new one.
I was a bit unsure what Oscar was going to think of it being a inquisitive 9mth old but he wasn’t bothered at all about wearing it after the initial few minutes of thinking it was a toy and fiddling with it!!
They come in a wide range of funky designs to co-ordinate with outfits and are very reasonable in price.
I’m off to get him some more!

The dribble bibs and more information can be found at RareDesignersMustHaves

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