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With summer around the corner as a family we are always looking for new things to do rain or shine. We know at some point there will be rain and as I’m keeping Fizz and 3 of her friends entertained during the summer it’s the indoor activities that are the most difficult! Cutie Stix sent us their Cutie Stix Cut and Create Station to ensure we had a summer project that all the kids would enjoy!

The set up of the station was really easy and fizz had it up and ready to go on her bedroom desk within 15 minutes (mainly because she was deciding where all the Stix were going to go! There were a huge range of them and I was surprised by the varied designs and sizes that were included in the pack.

The station includes everything you need for nail art to necklaces so there was a lot of ways to use everything so the kids haven’t really got bored of creating!

A mini guillotine (in a safety house) is included with different attachments so that you can slice thin or thicker pieces off your Stix depending on what you are creating. It was a bit stiff at first but the kids soon got the hang of it. Another piece of equipment is the corer which takes a hole out of the Stix so that you can make necklaces and bracelets with them.

So far we have made nail art and necklaces. Fizz has loved being able to choose different designs for her friends as well as little gifts which are unique to them. The station has pride of place on her desk and it has her thinking up new styles and designs daily! If you’re looking for a creative present then this should be on the wish list for sure!

Watch Fizz’s video of what she is currently creating!


More Info:

Cutie Stix are the perfect way for children to make accessories to wear and share with their friends!
The Cutie Stix Cut & Create station can cut, core and create 24 unique patterned Stix in an assortment of three sizes for endless combinations. With themes including treats, animals and emojis the station includes everything you need to create necklaces, fun figures and nail art! RRP £29.99.



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