Review // Crate Creatures

When a toy comes with a padlock and a crow bar you know you are going to be in for a load of fun! Crate Creatures is a scary but lovable surprise in a crate.

They boys loved this when it arrived, the excitement of who was in the box and the challenge of getting it open just added to the fun.

Crate Creatures come in a plastic crate which becomes it’s home rather than throwaway packaging. I like products that do this as it makes them easy to store and also reduces any waste.

Jedi (4) managed to get the box open after about 15 minutes of trying and then the room was fun of snorts of laughter at their creature making trumping noises amongst other icky sounds.

Our crate creature was Blizz who comes with his own ice lolly to lick. Pull Blizz’s tongue and he makes around 45 noises. Blizz also boasts glowing eyes and can be motion triggered.

The boys absolutely loved Blizz. It is a good fun toy to play with and led to heaps of chortles. Definitely not a gift for the faint hearted but one that has the sense of humour around fart jokes.

Crate Creatures are currently £31.00 at Smyths. Ideal for a present full of laughter and fart noises this Christmas!



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