Review: // Cosatto Hold Car Seat

As a Cosatto brand buddy I’m lucky enough to get to review a few products too. With it being the season to show Pride out at various parades it seems perfect to grab our newest set of wheels and hit the streets of Brighton feeling perfect in Pixelate.

The Pixelate Giggle really stood out to us as a perfect chariot for our little Froglet. This super vibrant buggy was meant to get it’s first outings on the school run when his sister starts in September but Froglet couldn’t wait to go in his rainbow ride and arrived 4 weeks early!

Froglet is quite a dinky baby (7lb6 at 2 weeks old) so we have decided to stick with the car seat on the giggle frame for now. The Hold car seat (RRP £125) is really easy to use and Cosatto make it super easy for you (and the extreme tiredness you may feel) by sticking the instructions to the side in case you need them!

With an isofix base it can slot straight into your regular car or be secured with the seat belt. This means that if you need to visit family elsewhere you have your own seat ready too. Just out and about it’s handy too as you feel more secure with baby in a seat when on the bus or in a cab when in a rush.

The Pixelate gets you noticed too. It’s not one of those buggies where you blend into a crowd. Loud and proud it’s easily spotted and it’s rainbow colours can’t help but be smiles at.

It’s definitely not for your wallflower side but shouting here’s my newborn loud with pride!


I can’t wait to get the carrycot out for our next journey into town!




  1. Michelle
    August 22, 2014 / 7:44 am

    It is stunning!! Should I have another, Cosatto is the one I’ll be searching for – I have looked at their range and they’re definitely the ones that stand out in the crowd!

    Great review!!

  2. August 24, 2014 / 5:55 pm

    Wow, I love the colours, thats bright! How cute does he look in it, he’s so tiny!

    Lyndsay xx

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