Review // Comfi-Cush Pram Liners

CuddleCo have recently launched five new prints for Comfi-Cush and Jedi Boy was offered one for his pram to test out. Priced at £24.99 I was keen to see what this liner could offer from others.

  They Say

‘The Comfi-Cush is a unique memory foam pram liner that adapts to the shape of the baby. It will offer the ultimate support and can be used from birth. Having developed the ideal combination of foam density and firmness the product provides the ideal anatomical position when little ones are seated.’

  We say

‘The Comfi-Cush is a great design. We love the memory foam squishiness which aids a more comfortable buggy nap time. We think this is perfect for both newborns for a soft place to nap and toddlers who may have a harder stroller seat. It comes in a range of vibrant designs and is easy to attach and remove.

  I think this is great value for money as it has that extra element most pram liners don’t as where most are purely for a visual change this has a practical approach to comfort too.
Available from: Smyths and BRU.

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