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When I started to look for cool things for baby number twoI found the Bednest on the NCT website. As much as I loved co-sleeping the first time I wanted an element of closeness but the crib option for longer sleeping. With money being tight I loved that there is a choice to buy or rent.

Bednest offered me a free rental for reviewing as I

thought that this is a great choice for those who don’t want to splash out or don’t have the storage space after the crib has finished use we said yes!

The bed nest is fab for those parents like me, that know they won’t be rushing to have another child. The buy it now price is £299 which I personally think is very pricey in terms of other cribs out there on the market especially when it will last only 6-7 months. But rental is a rearly reasonable  at £80 including delivery!

The crib comes with a new fabric panel and new mattress with every rental and can be delivered the very next day or a set day of your choice. It’s simple one easy move to make up the base (which can tilt too and has been perfect for Froglet’s reflux) and 2 minutes max to make the main crib. Add the side panels and it’s good to go.

I found this very easy to pop up, and down to move into another bedroom. The crib was quite wide and spacious.

One side panel comes down completely to create a co-sleeping space next to your own bed and the other can fold in half or do the same. Perfect for when baby starts to roll and you get a bit worried about them rolling into your bed without you knowing.

However you will notice from the photos that there is a 1cm gap around the mattress. This did bother me and is much more prominent with the side down. The gap does mean that baby is exposed to hard edging although it is smooth you may not be keen on this either.

For more information or to get questions answered you can follow @bednest

Before you think about co-sleeping please visit these websites and get advice from a health professional. I knew the risks and benefits before co-sleeping and these sites have some advice but speak with your midwife or health visitor before deciding.–its-the-only-option-for-some-people-8631275.html

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  1. November 18, 2014 / 9:44 am

    We loved using the nest for Baby B until he was 7 months. We didn’t want to have him in our bed but wanted him near for easy night feeds and settling and the nest was perfect. Glad you found it worked for you too. Just found your blog!

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