Review // Back To School With Smiggle

If you have an 8 year old daughter like me you’ve probably already heard of the brand name Smiggle. Full of bright stationery and other lovely items it really does delight Fizz when she is allowed to go in and purchase something. The shop is brilliant for kids that like to journal of all ages and so the team sent us a few bits for Jedi’s first day at school and Fizz’s entrance into year 4.

Here are our favourite things from the Smiggle site this season:

Fly Away Junior Backpack £26.50

We love this backpack and with Fizz’s obsession with all things Unicorn it really stands out. I like that it has a carry handle option as well as the back pack. It is a4 pad size so will fit her workbooks in.

Wallets £8.50

The kids will both have tuck shop money and we usually pop their bus fares in for the week (although Jedi isnt 5 until next summer so is free at the moment). Having their own wallets and teaching them to budget their own finances is really important to us so these wallets come in handy for bus ID cards, coins and a few little notes from us.

Headphones £20

If you have a child with sensory issues you know that buses home can be stressful. We have these brilliant foldaway headphones that are suitable to use with a kindle or small music device. Perfect for travelling to and from school for older kids as well when they’re working online for school homework on the schools personal website.

Of course we couldn’t go to Smiggle and get new pencil cases! Fizz loves to journal and often takes hers to school. This one is fab as it fits loads in it and is perfect for her at school and at home as it keeps everything in one place with pockets for all her pencils and pens!

We were gifted some headphones and a super pencil case for this review but all thoughts are our own!


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