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A few friends and I have been testing the best cruelty free and vegan skincare ranges on the market since March. Today Alice shares what she thinks of Antipodes Skincare for you! She tried 4 products over a minimum of two weeks to make sure she could give you a great review. Here are her thoughts:


This product has the best smell of the 4 I tried, the sweet orange is extremely pleasant and really give you a pick me up when you use it. It spreads easily so there is not need to use to much each time. I previously have avoided exfoliators as they are too abrasive for my sensitive skin, however this product gently scrub(?) The skin, leaving it fresh and noticeably revitalised.


I have loved this cleanser not only in the morning to wake up my skin but as a gentle calm down in the evening to help rid any last remain make up residue. It leaves my skin refreshes with that tight feel I’ve previously experience.


I used this moisturiser first out of the two given. It has a clean and fresh feel. The distinctive almond smells stays with you through the morning and it left my skin feeling beautiful and revialised. Again you don’t need to use much to cover your face and neck and it absorbs quickly with no sticky after feel.


Finally the sun came out, so I switched from Rejoice to Immortal. It still has a very light feel, however it takes a little longer to be absorbed. It left my skin feeling beautifully soft and is no way greasy

On the whole I’ve enjoyed the Antipodes range my skin is gloriously soft. The gentle fragrances used give you a lift even after they gave first been applied. I would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin. Mine has had no problems with these products which is great! Will definitely buy again. The fact these are vegan and great- also gains big thumbs up for me!



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