Review // All Wrapped Up With The Calin Bleu Baby Wrap in Teal

When our children have all been small I’ve started Babywearing them in what is called a wrap. A wrap is one length of material that you can fit around your body and pop baby in. Their soft structures are great for a newborn.

Wraps often come in various lengths so are sized to you. I often find longer ones are better as you can tie them at the front rather than at the back where it can feel uncomfy when sitting with your back against something. 

The Calin Bleu is a shorter style wrap on me (I’m a size 14/16 at the moment) and ties at the back. The fact that I can’t tie it at the front is an issue for me BUT it does mean less fabric and it’s easier to pop into a bag because it’s thin and small! 

  The fabric is quite taught and you’ll need to break it in a little especially if you have used a stretchy wrap before. The fact the fabric isn’t stretchy is a benefit as it feels a bit more supportive. The material was thinner than I imagined as I had thought it was a woven wrap but it’s more of a cotton gauze so will be more perfect for summer use. 

But as baby gets more head control the Calin Bleu comes into its own. The BeatleBoy had a rocking head right now as his neck muscles aren’t as strong so it’s nice to have something that feels like he’s not hurting his neck.

At £36 this is a mid market price for a wrap sling and I would recommend for babies 0-6 months born in Spring/Summer. 

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