RestFest: A Festival Overview

Recently I was invited to Restfest. If you have heard of this amazing festival then it’s time you went and had a look!

The day started with a gorgeous and energetic opening ceremony. We started the day hearing about Naomi’s journey to setting up RestFest and were encouraged to set our own intentions for the day. There’s something super special and inspiring to be among so many women devoting this day to their learning, relaxation and journeys.

After the opening ceremony there was a brief chance to mingle with some fabulous businesses in the holistic market place. This market place was definitely well put together bringing holistic therapists, jewellery makers and mindful business together. Not one business felt out of place in the market place. Each bringing empowerment to those who spoke to them. Most of the sellers were laid back and chatty which was nice not to have the hovering pushy selling that you can find at festivals.

My first workshop was Moonology with Yasmin Boland. I’ve just started her book Moonology and wanted to see what gifts she would have in person. I arrived 5 minutes late but was still allowed entry into the session. Phew!

Yasmin was open and chatty about moon cycles. We talked about the different phases of the moon and where to lay our intentions and where to surrender things that don’t service us anymore. I found it informative but not too much. I’m so looking forward to finish her book now and she did offer plenty of additional reading to the group from other writers which was really lovely and gave me a good Christmas wish list!

After the Moonology session I walked to the garden area where 2 bell tents for workshops had been set up. The sessions in these throughout the day were hugely popular so you do need to get there early if you can but be prepared to be turned away if you aren’t there pre schedule start!

I decided to go into the session with Meghan Field. I’d followed her online and loved her vibrancy. This workshop was all about bringing rituals into the everyday and it felt so relaxed. We talked about how we could bring small pockets of time to a ritual into our day. I decided that mine would be to spend 5 minutes reading once the kids are home from school and settled with a cup of herbal tea. We were encouraged to share in small groups and I found this engaging and supportive. The session closed with a short ritual and a gift of a crystal for each participant. I have kept my ritual since leaving RestFest and in fact it now includes a meditation everyday too.

After 2 sessions I decided to take some down time and went to grab a cuppa and a wander around the market place. I bought a gorgeous smelling citrine candle from 360 Botanics – homemade in Lewes. The candle will be part of my new and full moon Journalling time.

Quite by surprise drop in Reiki sessions were just off the market place and I booked into this space for a 30 minute reiki session. I’ve had reiki before and I’ve had some lovely distance reiki with a friend over the last year. I never know what to expect in each session and this one included a huge shift and opening up. Since the session I’ve booked another with Laura from The Healing Rooms. I found it to be a huge therapy session and she was so intuitive. I’m not ready to share the ins and outs of the session but it was a really powerful experience for me.

I then spent some time wandering the gardens to ground myself and had a heart warming sweet potato soup from the festival inspired catering area.

In the afternoon I spent some more time taking to people and chose a couple of sessions. The first session was so popular there wasn’t space so I took this as a sign to go and see what was happening elsewhere. I caught up with Donna from Wild Woman Subscription boxes and then was drawn to a class about auras.

My energy was definitely depleted by the time I got to my third workshop and as it was super busy too I didn’t take away as much as I thought but the practitioner was engaging and it was good to hear more about aura cleansing.

I then headed to the main room again where we were invited to the closing ceremony. This again was an emotional and empowering experience. The room could feel all of the energy that had gone into the day and it was great to see everyone come together to say goodbye. On leaving every attendee was giving a goodie bag that I can honestly say was the first goodie bag I’ve ever been given where I’m keeping everything! It was well tailored to those that invested time for themselves on the day and to look after themselves in the coming weeks.

The next RestFest is in March and I’ll be purchasing a ticket this time. I found it a very different, grounding and fulfilling day. Definitely the Glasto of the Wellness, Spiritual & Healing world.

Get your tickets to RestFest here:


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