Redesigning Our Bedroom

Redesigning Our Bedroom
Now the kids have almost moved into their own bedrooms (yawning this morning) my thoughts are turning once again about maintaining an adult space in our bedroom. My research includes anything from electric beds to scandi design I am in that place where I want to do so much or nothing!
My ideal bedroom would be a minimalist look, at the moment it is a place to hide all the stuff we don’t want the kids to touch!
So to keep things looking a bit more organised we bought ourselves a Kallax unit each. These are quite huge and take up most of two walls! We invested in some doors and draws for the units to keep an element of calm but as you can see it’s still quite busy. Where as in a normal household the things we store here would be in the living room we have had to ensure our books and vinyl collection are safe from little toddler hands.
Earlier this year we also invested in a new bed. We couldn’t afford much since we had a living room in serious need of an update as well as kitchen renovations going on so I spruced a cheap frame up with heart LED lights (£12 from asda) and some lovely Scandi bedding. Our blanket is our growing old blanket. I commissioned this from Carol at Handmade Gorgeousness as a christmas present for Gav.
A new carpet has replaced the old worn laminate to give a softer feel to the room, a rug one side to protect the carpet a little too.
We still have a bit to do in our room though. Painting in a lighter neutral colour would be high on my list as is a new office desk to fit in with the units we have and make it more streamlined. We have lots of furniture which doesnt match and I think if it did it would feel a lot more clean and modern.
What tips do you have to do up a bedroom on a budget?

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