What is The Red Box Project and how can I help?

For most of us, periods are definitely something to moan about. Thankfully, complaining about belly ache, mood swings, bloating and tiredness is usually as far as it goes.

Have you ever had to take a day off work because of your period? Perhaps had a leak on the way to catch your train and had to buy an emergency change of underwear? I know it’s happened to me, embarrassingly during induction training at a new job! Fortunately, I was able to go home to freshen up and change my clothes.

But could you imagine being a teenager and having to miss school because of your period? Missing a week out of your education every single month? Because your family couldn’t afford sanitary protection for you?


While it might sound extreme, this is sadly the reality for many young women today. Teenage girls are missing out on their education because they simply can’t afford the products they need. In this day and age it shouldn’t be happening, but it is. Period poverty is very real.

The Red Box Project was originally set up in March 2017 in Portsmouth by three friends who decided to do something about it. They started providing boxes filled with sanitary wear to local schools so that girls could take what they needed, no questions asked, and not have to miss school. Since then word has spread and the project has rolled out across the nation. Over 1,000 boxes have been delivered to schools and there are Red Boxes in schools from Scotland to Cornwall.

The Red Box Project is entirely community driven, relying on donations and support from local people and businesses. A nationwide network of dedicated volunteers coordinate each area’s project to ensure that boxes never become empty.

Helping The Red Box Project is easy. You can find out if your area already has a project and get in touch to donate sanitary products. You could even help with fundraising, or simply spread the word to raise awareness amongst your local community.

With your support The Red Box Project will quietly ensure that no young woman misses out on her education because of her period.


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