Reclaiming Your Bathroom: A Survivial Guide

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If your family is anything like most, bathtimes seem far from luxury and relaxation. The chances are, in fact, that you have such a hard time bathing your kids, you only have the energy to hop into the shower. So, instead of the sanctuary it might once have been, the bathtub becomes the stuff of nightmares. The mere sight of it causes flashbacks of screaming, struggling children. It’s time to reclaim your bathtub as your own. You work hard enough, without depriving yourself of the relaxation baths offer. Make a pact with yourself that, when the kids go to bed, you’ll indulge yourself. Here’s how to make bathtimes something you love again.


We all want to smell nice after a bath. And, in an ideal world, most of us would like the place to smell nice when we’re bathing, too. That’s why you need to stock up on treats. Keep these at the top of the wardrobe, and don’t tell the kids. They’re for your nose only! Buy scented candles to create a tranquil setting. Then, have fun with some bath treats that you can enjoy. Stock up on bath bombs and bubble baths galore. As the name of the game is relaxation, look out for scents like lavender and sandalwood. And, why stop there? You could add a few body butters to your secret stash, too. That way, you can continue the luxury, even when the bath is over!




Once you’re comfortable, it’s always nice to have a little something to listen to. What you choose depends on your tastes, of course. It might be that you enjoy a podcast you never get the chance to listen to. Take your bathtime as an opportunity to catch up. Or, you might want to listen to music your kids haven’t picked for once! There are many bathroom radios you could choose from. You don’t want to take a CD player into such a damp environment, after all! Or, you might want to keep the theme of relaxation going and listen to some soothing sounds. Natural sounds always have an amazing ability to calm us. From waves to birdcall, there’s sure to be something out there that helps you unwind. And, you don’t have to pay for the privilege, either. You can download apps which include all the sounds you might need!


If you’re used to rushing around, it may be hard to lie back and do nothing. That’s why it can help some reading material with you. Giving your mind something to focus on will stop any feelings of guilt about not doing anything! Plus, what better time to get stuck into that pile of books you never get around to? Taking a nice long bath will help you get a good way through your next pick. Just make sure you don’t drop your book into the water! If you don’t enjoy books, you could always take a magazine with you instead.



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