Real Nappy Week: Meet A Cloth Bum Mum

Its the last day of this week’s new feature Real Nappy Week: Meet A Cloth Bum Mum. For those of you that don’t know much about cloth, or if you do, this week I am featuring a group of mums that use cot he nappies and asking them a few questions! Today it’s Cambridge based Jane. 

Can you tell the readers a little bit about yourself?

Hello! I’m Jane, Mum to 4 year old Tom and 15 month old Livy. We live in Cambridge.

Why did you start using cloth nappies and which was the first cloth nappy in your stash?

The first time we tried to wheel the black bin out after Tom was born it was shockingly heavy. I couldn’t bear the thought of generating that much landfill every week. We had a slow start with cloth, because the first ones we tried (Mothercare) leaked horribly for us. Eventually we found a system that worked, but had to try a lot of nappies first!

Did you find a specific style of nappy worked better than another?

Yes, for us wraps with inserts have always worked best. We’ve ended up using Bum Genius Flips with various inserts, which are bombproof!

What reactions did you get from other people when using cloth?

People sometimes comment about the size of Livy’s bottom. The nappies we use are significantly thicker than disposables, but at least they don’t grow when they’re full of wee, and they don’t stink!

How many cloth nappies do you have in your stash and what was your favourite?

About 20- mainly BumGenuis flips with staydry inserts and hemp or bamboo boosters. We also have 5 Smartipants nappies, which are a brilliant design- pocket style but the inserts come out by themselves in the wash. We used to have prettier nappies than these, but they just didn’t perform as well.

Do you have any tips for anyone considering switching to cloth nappies?

If you ever have a question about cloth, consult this website. Try lot of different styles before you commit to one type of nappy. If a nappy starts leaking, strip them before stopping using it. Consider cloth wipes, which are really easy to use alongside cloth nappies.

What surprised you most about using cloth nappies?

That they leak less than disposables. We use disposables when we go away overnight and there is almost always a leakage.

What’s your top nappy cleaning tip.

Do a cold rinse and spin first, then a quick wash will be enough to get the nappies clean. I use Bambino mio sanitiser powder and use the same size scoop (10 ml) to add Bold.

Thanks Jane! I will definitely be checking out cheeky wipes this time around!

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