Raising Boys // What The Boys Wore

I’ve always loved buying clothes for the kids and now Fizz pretty much chooses her own clothes of course my focus is on having the boys kitted out nicely too.

Beatlebum is wearing a summer onesie from Boots Mini Club. It’s £6 or grab two items for £8. I used to love their range for Fizz too! I love patterns that have a colour me in feel and this has a nice mix of colour along with that.

Next up I grabbed two jumpers from Bows and Arrows in Boots. A bargain £5.50 at 50% off and I got both boys one as I do love them wearing matching items someone’s. I got a 9-12 and a 2-3. Jedi is nearly 21 months but I’ve popped him in his already. It’s baggy but still nice on.



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