Quest to find the perfect buggy

Fizz has had a few buggies so far, so when we were sent a Maclaren Quest in Raspberry and Grey for Mini Mc to be taken around town in style we were excited at the prospect of our Quest coming to an end.Maclaren oozes the appeal of owning a recognised and sophisticated as well as reasonably priced mode of baby transport.

Our buggy arrives a couple of weeks ago now and it’s been whizzing around Brighton – up and down hills, around the Marina Car Boot and zooming to the station to catch a train to London.

We mastered the closing and opening system quite quickly when needing to use the tube and a huge flight of stairs or when storing at nursery (the handy carry strap is a great addition but also boasts a carry handle too), but it also feels comfortable bumping up and down to our flat. The wheels have manoeuvred easily so far and the brake is fairly easy to put on, as with any buggy it’s once you get that knack.

The rain cover is fit to shape of the buggy and much easier to manage to attach then floaty universal covers, fold easily and fits under the buggy taking up minimal space. Our Snoozeshade is a perfect compliment for sleep and extra wind protection too fitting easily under the rain-cover if required. Buggy storage is enough to get rain-cover, snoozeshade in as well as a cool bag and change bag for nursery. There is also a handy pocket on the back of the hood for a bottle, purse and keys. The only downside is the pocket is Velcro rather than a more secure zip.

The seat of the buggy is well padded and appears very comfortable so double that with a reclining/extending seat means a nice snooze for Mini Mc too. It also reassures mamma that she as comfy as possible without having to find an awkward neck straining position.

The highlight for me was the see through panel at the back of the hood. As a mamma that has had to stop and peer round the front of the buggy every 5 minutes this is a great reassurance addition to this model.

So far we are loving our Maclaren and are sure you will too. The Maclaren Quest retails at £140 rrp and comfort packs are available for additional head and strap cushioning.

We’ll be seen Cruising With Maclaren around Brighton for switching on of the Christmas Lights and Burning of the Clocks. We’d love to hear of your Brighton buggy tales too.