Post-Winter Jobs For Every Home


It won’t be long till spring is here and all the pretty flowers start to pop up from the ground. We can all start to relax a little bit as the weather warms up. However, this change in the weather is the perfect time to see to your home and carry out any maintenance that may need doing after the winter. Not sure which jobs you need to do now that winter is drawing to an end? Here are some important ones.


Check Exterior Drainage


There will no doubt have been a lot of bad weather through the winter, and this could have been bad news for the exterior of your property. Specifically, it could have damaged all the drainage and gutters on your house. So, it is important to check these now that fine weather is on its way. If any piping needs replacing, it is a good idea to do it as soon as possible. You should also clean out your gutters if they are full of dead leaves and other debris. We might get a lot of rain in spring (especially those April showers!), so you will need to make sure that your gutters are clear and can transport water from your property.


Double Check Your Roof


Another part of your property that may have been particularly badly damaged during winter is the roof. It is especially important to check the roof if you have experienced lots of snow and storms through the past couple of months. Any flat roofing on your house may need checking for pools of water. You should also check your whole roof to see if any tiles need replacing.


Clear Your Garden


There won’t be many plants and flowers that will have survived in your garden over winter. All of the ones that were blooming through summer and autumn will have probably died so you will need to dig up all the dead plants and clear them out of our garden. If you have a compost bin, you should add them to that to create more. Once your garden is completely clear, it will be worth spreading some compost onto the soil to add plenty of nutrients ready for when you start to sow new seeds in spring.


Check Paintwork


Any paintwork on the exterior of your home might have got chipped over winter, especially if the weather has been bad. To improve it, simply scrape off any flakey, old paint, and then repaint with a couple of layers of fresh paint. It’s worth waiting for a few sunny days to do this to make sure that rain doesn’t spoil your fresh paint job. While you are doing this, take a look at your window frames. If you notice any holes and gaps in them, you should think about replacing them. Otherwise, you could find pests and vermin in your house this summer!
Thought you could put your feet up now? Unfortunately not; but the good news is that these jobs won’t take too long.


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