Popping Out To Pizza Express

It’s no secret that as a family we love a visit to Pizza Express. As a mum on maternity leave I would download the £5 main meal codes from o2 and share a pizza with Jedi and then Beatlebum when his brother was at nursery. It was one of the few places we would go to eat and be able to take our time, as well as make a little noise too.

We were invited to pop in over half term. Their Piccolo lunch is ideal for little eaters (£6.85 with a starter, main, dessert, babychino ad squash) and I know that when we have it they love the treat and also the experience of dining out keeps mums sanity and teaches them about table etiquette too.

This time we met up with our friends Kate and T as well as bumping into Claire and Polly too. It is a lovely thing to be able to dine out, have enough for the kids to do an enjoy some adult conversation. I think that the fact the staff don’t rush you is a brilliant thing as often as a parent that feeling along with kids chatting away, throwing food on the floor it often feels a big ball of stress. Pizza Express (both Jubilee library and the Marina) have always made us feel fab, and the staff really interactive with the children as well as the adults at the table.

Their kids menu caters to even the fussiest eater (Fizz always orders pizza without the tomato sauce) and the choice is quite varied but also not too confusing.

A part fo their collaboration with Puffin books and their Piccolo packs Pizza Express had an artist who was doing drawings of families or in our case just Fizz (she didn’t want me or her brother in it lol).This was all done while the adults were chatting and the kids munched on the Piccolo menu. From a Superhero to a favourite animal the artist Sean was keen to chat to the kids and on knowing Fizz loves to sing he incorporated that and her red hair into a work of art that is now ready to be framed for her room. It really inspired Fizz and she spent all evening with her journal out creating her own book characters!

Where do you love to eat and do you have any tips to share about eating out with the kids?



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  1. Keri
    June 12, 2018 / 11:20 am

    My biggest tip for taking kids out to eat is start them young. We’ve been taking our son out to eat since he was a baby and he loves it. He’s 6 now.
    Another tip I have is do what works for you. If you have to take colouring books, lots of small toys, a tablet or even leave before other people (if it’s a get together) do it & don’t feel bad about it. Sometimes my boy will sit happily for over an hour chatting and eating very contently. Other times he will want to watch youtube or colour or even want to go home because he is super tired and grumpy. We’ve been eating out for so long now we know what we need to do to keep him happy.
    Luckily lots of restaurants have activity packs for kids which are great at keeping little ones entertained while they wait for the food xx

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