Planning a party? Read this first!

Are you planning a party or a celebration? Whether it’s a birthday, or a christening, a “welcome home” or a “sorry you’re leaving” gettogether, there’s no denying that budgeting for a party, as well as finding inspiration for one is difficult.

Whether it’s the food or the entertainment that’s got you stumped, here you’ll find a few tips and ideas of how you can make your party, unforgettable – without breaking the bank of course!

The food

When we think of party food, the usual comes to mind – sausage rolls, finger sandwiches, snacks, chips and fries, pizza and pop. If you’re hoping to look outside the box, then why not consider something like a hog roast? Hiring a hog roast machine for a party is a statement in itself; it looks great and smells great too. It’s also handy because there is very minimal clean up afterwards and you’ll save a bomb too! You can find more about hog roast machine hire if you click here.

Think about a centrepiece

It’s always handy to have something that the party can centre around, something that will really get your guests attention. This could be a chocolate fountain, an extravagant cake, a cupcake tower or maybe even an ice sculpture. This will turn heads and makes a great photo setting too.

The entertainment

Entertainment can vary depending on the type of party your throwing. If it’s sombre affair, then something low key is probably more appropriate. However, if you’re looking for something different, then consider these options:

For kids:

  • Balloon modellers. Balloon modelling is both mesmerising and has become an art in its own right! From a favourite cartoon character, to all the animals in the jungle, balloon models are something the kids can take home with them too!
  • Mobile petting zoo. Have you ever seen an iguana up close? Or held a tarantula? Well, with a mobile petting zoo, you can! There are different types of petting zoos out there, from the cute and cuddly, to the scaly and slimy!
  • Close up magicians: This is great for older kids, having their smart phone disappear before their very eyes is bound to leave a few lasting memories!
  • Classic party games: You know what they say; if it ain’t broke – don’t fix it! Sometimes the classics work the best. Pin the tail on the donkey, pass the parcel, musical statues and musical chairs are always popular and go down well!

For adults:

  • DIY cocktail bar: Instead of buying crates of beer and bottles of wine, why not dig out all those old spirits in the cupboard and create your very own cocktail bar!
  • Karaoke: Sometimes, all you need is music. Karaoke is a great way of getting everyone together and singing along to their favourite tunes!
  • DIY Photobooth – Everyone loves a photobooth! But instead of hiring an expensive one, try creating your own. All you need is a tablet with a camera and a photobooth app. Don’t forget to set up a fun background and provide all the fun props!

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