Pirates to Palm Trees: Top Reasons to Visit the Caribbean

You could travel the world twice over, yet you would be hard-pushed to find such a top luxury destination as the Caribbean. Whether you want to escape the winter blues or spend your summer vacation in this rather special part of the world, the Caribbean is waiting, with its white sandy beaches lapped by crystal clear water, palm-laden hillsides and friendly local community.

If you are still unsure, then take a look at the following top reasons why to make a dream become a reality with Caribbean holidays.

Fantastic weather

With year-round sunshine, cloudless skies and gentle warm beaches, the Caribbean is one of the safest bets for great weather. Of course, nothing is ever set in stone, but you stand a good chance of getting more than your fair share of sun in this little paradise.

Hospitable and friendly locals

Famously hospitable and friendly, when you venture into a bar or restaurant in the Caribbean you won’t be met with a sea of suspicious glares from the locals. One of the greatest components of holidaying in the Caribbean is collaborating with the smiling service that will inevitably greet you.
So famous has the Caribbean’s naturally friendly nature become, that the hospitability of the destination is almost as iconic as its white, palm tree-lined beaches.

Wellness spas

We could easily be forgiven for admitting that we want to be pampered in luxury surroundings whilst on holiday. If your annual trip comes with such aspirations, then the Caribbean, being full of exclusive luxury spa resorts, makes destinations such as St. Lucia, the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.

Fantastic activities

Whilst some Caribbean holidaymakers prefer to doze in a hammock under the shade of a palm tree, before taking a refreshing dip in the deep blue ocean, others prefer to take advantage of the many great activities that are available at this top tourist destination.

From golfing holidays to snorkelling trips, cricket playing to scuba diving, the Caribbean has practically every activity that you can imagine available.

Magnificent marinas

Elegant yachts gently bobbing up and down in the turquoise waters, is a sight that is fondly familiar in the Caribbean. Whether you have your own yacht docked, or embark on a yacht excursion cruising around the Virgin Islands, Caribbean marinas are just another reason why you should visit this exquisite part of the world.


Last, but certainly not least, the beaches of the Caribbean have the justifiable reputation of being amongst the best in the world. Miles upon miles of unspoilt white sand are on offer, providing the perfect backdrop for a romantic trip away.

Co-operative Travel offers cheap holidays to various destinations in the Caribbean, meaning that you can discover the many delights of this unique holiday destination without having to re-mortgage your house.


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