Guest Review // Peppa and George discovery activity cube and playmat

Guest Review // Peppa and George discovery activity cube and playmat

Mr Mcbobs has also been lucky enough to have been given a Peppa and George discovery activity cube and activity playmate to see how they can be used by a child with special needs. Ofter toys aimed at my child are really expensive so as a money conscious parent I am constantly looking for ways to engage with my child that also won’t cost the earth too.

Peppa and George discovery activity cube


It’s a little young for Mr Mcbobs however he did enjoy playing with it and was able to grip it as it’s very soft. I think it is a very good toy for younger baby’s in the first stages of holding things, the mirror is very clear and the toy itself is very soft with different textures so a good sensory toy that they can throw about without hurting themselves.

RRP: £19.99  Stockists: Asda, Debenhams, Hamley20160429_151719

Peppa Pig activity playmat

I am absolutely in love with the Peppa Pig activity playmat. Having a special needs child often makes you get frustrated that companies don’t make things just that little bit bigger but this is amazing plenty of room to practice rolling and do floor based physio on. It has a ‘crunchy corner’ which is proving a big hit with Mr Mcbobs and also a detachable mirror so he can make sure he’s still a cutie pie when he is reluctantly participating in rolly pollys. The backing helps keep it in place on carpet or a rug so when he is wriggling around it stays put quite well.

20160429_151759If your looking for a larger playmat I would highly recommend this, the design is quite neutral and it is well made.

RRP: £39.99  Stockists: Asda, Debenhams in stores and online, Boots online, Hamleys




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