Parent and Family Friendly Gigs

decided it was best not to go. I wish I had contacted the venue after hubby came home and told me how he’d complimented the parent of a toddler for bringing their little one along.

So music lovers there are things to do for parents without excluding the baby or the expectation of a sitter. This summer we attended Patchfest, a free music festival in the Middle of Elm Grove. A lovely event for families to share their love of festivals and music on a small level. Relaxed and family friendly.

We’ve also taken Fizz to her first gig at Resident Records. This independant record shop in Kensington Gardens often holds mini gigs around 6pm before the band go to their night time set in Brighton. Child friendly half hour sets, often acoustic.

So it’s not all over! Music Lover Parents let us know what you have found in our city below!