Owning A Car in 2020

As a non driver with 3 kids I am often weighing up the pros and cons of having a car. In 2020 I would love to be driving before we apply for our eldest’s secondary school place.  Kwik Fit contacted me after seeing a tweet about my dilemma as they have researched to see which cities in the UK are the most expensive for owning a car.

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For us finance for a car after lessons is a big factor in what will be our choice.

How much does the car cost?” or “How much will the insurance cost?” are my go to questions as a monthly cost will have to be factored in on our family budget as well as any initial outlay. But I hadn’t really thought about how much fuel it will use, how much this will cost and the parking permits needed in most of Brighton. Factor in servicing and MOT and I want to know that our budget will cope! Here is what it would cost:

Cost to fill a car petrol tank (average size of 55 litres): £71.39

On street parking cost as a visitor (per hour): £3.60

Parking cost as a resident: £130.00

Insurance costs: £648.76

Car Servicing: £157.83

MOT: £45.70

Total: £1,057.28

Now some of these are yearly costs like the insurance, parking permit, servicing and MOT which means you can factor a monthly fee spreading the cost over 12 months. So then it doesn’t seem such a hit to the old bank account, does it? Petrol is going to be the most expensive if you are ferrying kids around or taking long journeys so where we can we would still use our feet! Another option is the city car club where you have a monthly fee and only use one of their cars when you need too saving needed use!

Other things to factor in.

As well as the above basic costs of having a car we also have to factor in the space we need to transport 3 kids around. The younger 2 will need car seats and as a musical family the stereo is an absolute must when we are on our travels. A boot tough for camping gear would be a huge plus in any car we looked at.

So – are you a car owner? Let me know how much it costs you!

This post was written in collaboration with KwikFit.


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