Our #WeMadeMe Babywearing Story So Far

Our #WeMadeMe Babywearing Story So Far

It’s no secret over on Instagram that I’m a Babywearing addict. I wore Fizz up to age 3 and a bit and it was something I was keen to do again. Fizz was worn in a Babasling and then an Ergo.

When Jedi and then Beatlebum came along it was a whole new market. So much choice and so much colour too! Babasling were now WeMadeMe and they’d expanded their range to involve a stretchy wrap and a carrier too. 

I was keen to try tandem Babywearing with the boys and I’ll admit I’ve not been brave enough so far. Mainly as I babywear to school and having two alone and then picking up a third child has felt a little scary! I’m keen to try it and so over Easter we will.

This week though I’ve pulled out the Pao Papoose that we were gifted from WeMadeMe. I’ve loved using their WutiWrap and I felt it was time to start transitioning from wraps. Beatlebum is 4 months and the Pao Papoose is from 5 months plus so we are a bit early to try but it’s good to get some practice in with a carrier and it’s straps. I always start wearing around the house until I feel confident that I’ve adjusted enough. The worse thing is getting out on the school run and finding I’ve not adjusted enough as then I’ve also got a Jedi in the buggy who will make a fuss if we stop moving!

We picked the lilac colour. I love seeing boys in non traditional colours and I’m sure that you know pink and purple aren’t just for girls!

So here is our week with the Pao!

We tried world facing. I have to admit I’m not very keen on this at the moment. I love my boy to snuggle in. He felt a lot too small for this one so we will wait a few months and maybe try again. His hips were placed as they would be in parent facing which is reassuring.

We tried a nap! This worked so well and as the carrier is more slim line it doesn’t feel bulky on either. We could move with ease. The waistband was higher than I would usually wear it but it felt very comfortavle.

So much so we went to celebrate the body shops 40th birthday party in it!

With two under two a sling is a life saver. It means if baby snoozes I get play time with Jedi too (cleaning up his mess too).

The Pao Papoose baby and toddler carrier  is £89.99 from WeMadeMe.


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