Online Journalling To Help Capture Precious Memories

Online Journalling To Help Capture Precious Memories

If you’ve got children then you’ve probably already started making a digital footprint of some amazing moments. It is so easy now to instantly share on social media that we’ve forgotten a lost art.

As a kid I remember being able to look through family albums with captions as well as having photo frames everywhere!

I’ve been looking at some ways of holding back some of those precious moments and also how to privately share content/milestones/memories I don’t want to be online as such. In a digital age Skwibble does the modern day version of a scrapbook. Skwibble is not only the ultimate memory book, it is an exciting platform to create gallery’s and share special moments with selected friends and family in a safe and secure environment.

The app is free and quick to download. You can make folders for each child and share any updates in the folders with family and friends you select by including their email.

I do like that it’s let’s you upload into months, add text. I think following on I would like an option to orest a physical copy at some point.

The Free app is available to download here



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