Nursery Starts, Hand Foot & Mouth and Hitting 31 Weeks of Pregnancy 

It’s been such an eventful week this week and hopefully today will see it ending a lot more calmly.

Jedi Boy started nursery on Monday. He’s been to nursery before and it wasn’t quite the right time for us. This time though we’ve noticed he really needs a social life (and mummy needs some rest time) and we’ve both done two afternoons without each other and managed without the other there. 

With very little in the way of tears and delight when daddy picks him up it has so far worked well as the boy has had some lovely one to one time with Gav too. 

 Tuesday I managed a coffee date with another local pregnant blogger which was so lovely that I left with just enough time to get home to collect Fizz from the bus stop! 

By Thursday though the whole week turned around. Gav had already been poorly and it had seemed the boy was teething again. I started to get back ache on and off all day. When I realised baby wasn’t moving as much as usual Maternity Triage decided to have me in for monitoring. Gav rushed home from work, I ordered in a pizza for him and Fizz and went on my way when Gav arrived back. After a 3 hour wait I was finally seen and monitored. Thankfully baby was all ok and the nurse was able to sign me off to come home at around 10pm. I was warned that if there was a next time a Dr would see me and probably admit me overnight for more monitoring but the midwife was quite happy that baby is happy.


 On Friday morning a few spots started around Jedi Boys mouth. I thought it was down to dribble but having sent a photo to Susanne (@ghostwritermumm who is my daily text support) she thought it was hand, foot and mouth. I called our GP straight away who finally called me back at 3pm asking us to come on at 6pm. Spots appeared very rapidly throughout the day and I informed the nursery and family that we thought he had HFM. 6pm came and the Dr thought it was actually a skin infection which needed antibiotics but she wanted a second opinion due to my pregnancy. A short bus ride to A&E and a little wait meant we were home quite early with a confirmed diagnosis of HFM. The registrar had said that the formation of the spots slightly differing from the HFM pattern but she was sure it was. So it’s calpol and nurofen alternated and bonjela to help the mouth pain. We decided that I sleep in the boys room for a few nights as he will only fall asleep cuddling me. It’s a good idea for one parent to get a better nights sleep than both of you be tired so it’s easier to tag team in daytime hours. I’m napping in the day too. 



 It has meant that our weekend which was full of party invites has been wiped clean for an X on the door and family time. There’s not much you can actually do when the kids are ill so it’s PJ days, easy teas and TV. 

Yesterday this parcel arrived for me! Now tell me that wasn’t good timing after the last few days!



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  1. October 9, 2015 / 5:02 am

    Hope your weeks have got a lot easier after the movement scare and HFM! It seems to all come at once sometimes doesn’t it? Not long to go now though x

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