Now You Are Starting School – Tips For Parents

In my experience when you have a summer baby you will be wondering how their first school term came so fast? I know with my daughter she was completely ready and turned 5 during her first term at school, my son however has only just turned 4 and if you go by his adjusted age he should have only turned 4 two and a half  weeks before schools starts this year. I have been asking other mums their tips on how to make this transition flow.

Jess –

“Get everything ready the night before! I lay out all uniform, shoes and make packed lunches etc the night before so it means we have plenty of time in the morning. That way if they want extra cuddles or have a little wobble you won’t be rushing around stressed and will have time to chat about things before they go.”

We have made a big deal about this and we will be packing his school bag with PE kit the day before. Both children have unique backpacks this year and this one that Fizz is taking is perfect for the older children too as it’s not character based but that little more individual and unique! It’s from Personally Presented and at £17.49 is a reasonable price for something personalised.

Beth –

“Be positive and make it exciting for your child. You may be super nervous inside, but more than likely your child will be even more nervous. So make the walk/drive to school really exciting and talk about all the positives such as making new friends and learning new things. This helped my kids a lot.”

I couldn’t agree with this more, I’ll be trying to keep my nerves for him hidden and try. As Jedi went to the pre-school already we are lucky that he has friends and also his teacher is transitioning to his class too so I am hoping that helps!

Victoria –

“I’ll try my best to make sure the kids have a really early bed time the night before, so they’re not tired and we’re up early on the first morning back with plenty of time to get everything ready without rushing.”

This is such a good idea.I will be trying to get the kids into a good routine for the week before school starts back so that summer bedtimes don’t have an impact by the time school starts back!

Anna –

“Include your child/children in the night before prep as much as you can and talk to them about it. Agree how they are going to have their hair so you don’t have a battle in the morning. Read starting school books the night before and ask if they have any questions. Leave plenty of time the first morning and over breakfast ask if they have any questions again but be excited for them and really big it up! Finally if you are teary at the classroom door, don’t let your child see or it will make them cry too! Be brave and walk away and go and get a strong coffee somewhere!!”

We are trying to get Fizz and Jedi involved in helping with their packed lunches. They get to go through the food shopping and choose what they want to make up their packed lunch each week and we make a meal planner for each day. Fizz picked out
Spearmark Back to School range lunch box:

Sainsburys sent us the above lunch bag for Fizz and we love that it has a longer strap for carrying. We often forget to buy a few school items so it’s nice to be able to grab something from the shelf in our local super market!

That’s such a good idea about their hair as we have so many issues with Fizz and her hair!

Sal –

“Try not to be too intense or over discuss it! making it into a huge deal just builds up the pressure – keep it light, remind them they’re not going to be gone long and focus on after school like watching a film or what they’re favourite tea is so you can get it ready to celebrate a great first day”

I love this idea for the day before! We have some of Fizz’s school friends over the day before for one last day of fun!

What tips do you have for the start of the new school term?



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