Need A New Hoover? Check Out Our Vytronix Review! 

A few weeks ago the lovely people at Direct Vacuums asked is if they could send us a Vytronix bagless Hoover to see if it would suit our busy lifestyle! With two toddlers on the go it  as a given that is say yes! 

The Vytronix is quite light, small and compact. It’s great for us as we use it quite often esepecially after the boys have messy play or dinner.

The fact it’s small is a bonus as it doesn’t feel like a huge chore to get it out.

The suction is really good. Ideal if you have messy toddlers or pets. 

It’s bagless which means no extra cost! This is a bonus as our regular Hoover needs bags!

AIt’s easy to empty! Just press the button and pull the cylinder to empty!

It’s light enough for Fizz! She’s very protective over her own room so now she’s able to use the house Hoover to give her extra responsibility!

Overall the Hoover is great! We expected the Hoover to be around the £100 mark but at less than £35 it’s brilliant for those that are stuck under budget constraints!


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