How To Nail Gift Buying For Even The Most Difficult People!

Buying presents is something so many of us spend a LOT of time agonising over. Whether you’re someone who plans gifts months in advance or you’re someone who makes a last minute choice, present-buying can be a tumultuous task. Finding the balance between something that is unique and something that isn’t completely pointless (no, I don’t need another bath bomb) is a tricky task. Of course, it would be easier just to tell people ‘I don’t do presents’ and be done with. But, there are simply some occasions where presents are necessary. Plus, there’s no better feeling than giving someone a gift they truly love. If you’re struggling for inspiration, read on to find out how you can perfectly match your gift to the person in your life.

You best friend

Even if we don’t admit it, most of us have a best friend. This might be someone you went to school with and have known for years. Or, it could be a work colleague that you got super close to. Whatever the scenario, it’s great to be close to someone who isn’t a family member (even though it may feel like they are one!). It can be hard to show your appreciation for you best friend sometimes, so why not make them a cute memory box? Yes, the cynics among us might consider it cringy. But, it’s something she can keep forever and it allows you to look back on all the fun times you’ve had together. Fill it with old pictures, your favourite childhood sweets and even old CDs of the songs you used to love. It’s a present to remember!

The newlyweds

If two of your friends have just got married, trying to think of a suitable gift can be difficult. Unless they have provided a gift list, you might be apprehensive about buying them a kettle in case they already have six. Assuming that they are already drowning in practical gifts, why not give them something a little more luxurious and indulgent? Think back to your own married life and how, once the honeymoon was over, you reverted back to just lying around on the sofa together after work. Encourage them to make time for a cute night in together with a Cheese Gift Hamper – something they can both dig and something they probably wouldn’t buy themselves.

The teenage boy

Buying presents for a teenage boy is one of life’s great mysteries. You don’t want to get them anything too ‘girly’, so the usual bath sets are out of the question. But at the same time, he probably has enough DVDs and Xbox games to last a lifetime. If you have a nephew or a cousin who you are really struggling with, why not buy him something he can actually DO? Supercar experiences are an adrenaline-fuelled activity that tend to go down pretty well with boys. If he’s of driving age, he may even be able to get behind the wheel himself. Plus, buying activities rather than physical gifts can often lead to a much more memorable experience.


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