Mystery Preggers // 10 Week Pregnant and Still No Scan Date!

I know, I’ve been useless this last couple of weeks! Between an increase in sickness, work, housework and a challenging toddler it’s been all I can do to get out of bed each morning so blogging took a bit of a back seat!

Anyway, I am now around 10 1/2 weeks and as I said I’ve been experiencing much worse sickness than I’ve ever had before. Don’t get me wrong, I’m thankfully nowhere near hyperemesis gravidarum and I genuinely don’t know how women cope with that, but I’ve felt almost constantly nauseous, have been sick a few times but very violently and I’m also experiencing sleeping problems. I can get to sleep at night with relative ease, but generally around 3am I wake up and that’s pretty much it for the night. I’m absolutely exhausted and have tried sleep mist on my pillow, calming music and meditation techniques but nothing is working.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, I’m incredibly thankful that I appear to still be growing our little baby inside of me and we’ve given him/her the nickname Thimble. My husband thought of it and I like it because thimbles seem delicate but they do quite a strong job and that’s what our little one is doing as it grows.

As I write I still haven’t received my scan date. It’s very frustrating because obviously we’re desperate to know that Thimble is okay. I looked at getting a private one but nearly choked at the £100 price tag! I spoke to our hospital who said they didn’t have any referral forms from my midwife so didn’t know I existed, midwife swears the forms were sent BY FAX! Who faxes these days?! Anyway she faxed them again and yesterday the hospital returned my call and confirmed they’d got my form but still couldn’t give me a date.

Food-wise I’m becoming a bit more sensitive to smells and greasy food doesn’t agree with my nose. Scrambled egg, mushrooms, orange juice and homemade smoothie have annoyingly made me sick but I have managed to eat eggs on good days and have been okay. I’m finding that simple beige food stays down the best, but then I feel super bloated and crampy!

I feel huge in comparison to this time of gestation previously, I need to dig out some photos but I’m sure I’m carrying a good 3 or 4 weeks bigger than this stage last time and I’ve more or less given up trying to hide it because everyone who sees me is guessing anyway! I’m still not revealing to you all until we’ve had the scan though, but lots of people are sending DMs on Twitter to me as Mystery Preggers or Chelle and a few have guessed my identity correctly.

I’ll try to get a couple more posts in before my scan so keep popping back and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter where the odd clue drops in every so often.


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  1. September 26, 2015 / 3:03 am

    The exact same thing happened to me.. With BOTH of my pregnancies! Glad they’ve finally got your details though, hurry up scan I wanna know haha. Hope you feel better soon xx

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