My Top Saving Money Tips

Now we are a family of five it’s obvious that our family finances take a little bit more stretching. I try and make the most of our budget and here’s how.

Invest for the future

Its really important that we see beyond each pay day and so if you have any extra cash coming in or leftover at the end of the month then think about investing. I love the idea of ethical investing with Wealthify as it let’s you invest on organisations that really care about as well as providing you with a university fund or retirement fund for later years.

Food shopping online

Although Ocado/Waitrose is thought of as expensive by using their phone app our food delivery costs £60-80 a week. They’ve a handy recipe binder which makes meal planning super easy as well as making sure that we are cutting our food waste down too.

Grabbing clothes during sale months

We all know kids have regular growth spurts so if I see a sale I generally look for their next sizes up. Kids don’t really care what’s in season or not so if it’s fun and bright ill generally buy it. The same for winter coats – buy them in the Spring or Summer sale if you can!Using deal finding websites

There’s so many ways you can save money but having access to useful sites that bring deals together is always handy and can save you time as well as money!

Do a car boot/sell in local for sale sites

I’ve found that using facebook groups is a great way of passing on old items. The kids toys overrun the living room and so we are trying to streamline what they have. No one really needs 4 shape sorters now, do they?

In the opposite way we’ve used the same places to grab birthday and Christmas presents. Toddlers and babies don’t really need very much and by sticking to my rule of something to wear, something to read and something to play with we’ve avoided over spending too.

How do you save money? Do you have any tips to make your budget stretch? 


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  1. August 9, 2016 / 5:19 pm

    I find we tend to spend less money on the food shop when we shop at Waitrose as we don’t go “Oooh look those chocolates are a bargain..” so we stick to our shopping list! Great tips, I need to encourage the children to do a carboot sale to clear some toys and general clutter before we go back to school!

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