My Christmas Day Outfit with Simply Be

I love dressing up a bit on Christmas day. The trick is to feel glam but also comfy at the same time so when SimplyBe contacted me to choose I Christmas outfit I spent a while looking through the site to pick a few items that would work around a busy family home but also help me to feel great too!

Firstly I thought why not grab some new underwear! If you are a mum like me you’ll opt for comfy granny pants and still be wearing that soft feel breast-feeding bra even though your little one is no longer feeding and he’s now nearing pre-school age faster than the speed of light. So I opted for some pants to keep the mum tum strapped in whilst also choosing something breathable too. A lovely Bra from Freya to make me feel more glam less boobs near my knees was a must to. Let’s lift them a bit, yeah?



Next up the topping. I chose a dress as I don’t often wear them during the week unless we have a date night. But for Crimbo day well I’m gonna flash the one part of me the kids have left relatively scar free – my legs! This floral dress is a bit bright and fun!

And for when I have had too much baileys and need to feel glam but not quite ready to fall asleep fully clothes I have picked this gorgeous jumpsuit. Let’s hope my pelvic floor lasts long enough to whip it off in the bathroom though! I think I could maybe get away doing the school run in this nightwear too!



Have you chosen your Christmas day outfit yet?


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