MOTHER’S DAY EXCLUSIVE: Dads carry babies around in mouth to give mums a break!

SEA LIFE Brighton is proud to announce that a group of its male fishy residents are extremely considerate when it comes to childcare.  The Banggai Cardinal Fish dads are giving the mums a break this Mother’s Day (and EVERY day!) with a wonderfully unique way of looking after their brood: Mouthbrooding. 

As Joe Williams, SEA LIFE Brighton’s Lead Aquarist, explains: “These dads are extremely diligent. First, they fertilise up to 60 eggs, then immediately take the eggs into their own mouth for incubation. The dads hatch the babies in their mouth which takes around 20 days.  After a further 10 days when the young are more developed and grown, they are released. This unique feature is known as ‘mouthbrooding’. During this month long period, the Banggai Cardinal Fish dad will not eat at all!”

Carrying 60 children in your mouth at once? Abstaining from food for a month? Now that’s daddy dedication for you!

In celebration of giving a mum a break, SEA LIFE Brighton are offering a very special Mother’s Day treat. On Mother’s Day (March 31), MUMS GO COMPLETELY FREE*.  

Ultimate Mother’s Day Family Treat Package – Competition

SEA LIFE are also running an online prize draw to win FREE entry for up to a party of 5, a Behind the Scenes Tour, a guided tour  of the centre with one of our Guest Experience team and a Mission pack for every kid, ensuring everyone is kept entertained. There’s also a very special gift for Mum celebrating her special day! Enter via Facebook @SealifeBrighton.


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