Momentous Milestones To Celebrate With Your Kids

One of the most exciting prospects of parenthood is celebrating momentous milestones with our children. When you’re struggling to waddle around, and you’re counting down the days until your due date, the thought of enjoying those precious moments together keeps you going. If you’re a parent to be, here are some major milestones you can look forward to enjoying with your little ones.

The first smile

Most parents are content to spend hours staring at their newborn’s perfect little face, but nothing makes you happier than the first time their lips crease, and you see them smile for the first time. It’s at moments like this when it’s so useful to have a phone around so that you can capture the moment on camera or film a video clip to send to your partner or parents.


The first steps

After what seems like weeks of crawling, rolling, and pulling themselves up, the anticipation of watching your baby take their first steps is palpable. There’s nothing like that instant when you let go, and they don’t tumble down in a heap for the first time.



Learning to ride a bike

When you think about having children, for some reason, this is something you really look forward to. Even if you’re not a cycling enthusiast, there’s something about teaching your child to ride their first bike that means the world. As they grow in confidence, you feel a sense of pride, and you can watch them become increasingly ambitious in front of your eyes. If you’re at the stage when your child is ready to start learning, have a look at some reviews to find the best balance bike. Balance bikes enable children to learn how to ride safely without the need for stabilisers. Start by holding them as they learn to use the pedals, and as they become more capable and confident, you can leave them to their own devices.


Learning to swim

Swimming can be hugely fun and therapeutic for babies, and it’s a really important and valuable skill to have when you get older. You can take your baby to swimming sessions or wait until they’re old enough to start lessons. Practice in the pool when you’re on holiday, or look into local groups. Swimming is often a great way to meet other parents and children, especially if you don’t have many friends who have kids or you’ve recently moved. Once children learn to swim, it’s often a matter of building confidence and showing them that they can keep progressing. Encourage them, reassure them, and be there to cheer them on when they reach the finish line.

First day of school

This is often a tough one for mums and dads. You feel incredibly proud, but also a little sad that your tiny bundle has grown into a little person who is ready to take on a new adventure without you by their side all the time.
If you’re a parent, you may feel like every day is a milestone, especially when your children are very young, but there are often days and moments that will stay with you forever.


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