Messy Table: Creative Kids Crafts

Whether it’s on a rainy Sunday afternoon, during the summer holidays or in that golden hour after school kids love crafts! Not only are they great boredom busters, but they also encourage children to express themselves through a variety of mediums including paint, clay, coloring pencils and even 3D piping foam!

Magical Fairy Garden


Our super secret magic fairy garden will have little ones oohing and ahhing, as well as queuing up to water this charming hideaway. To make it all you need is a medium size plant pot, or planter, some soil, small flowers for the fairy forest, little rocks or colored gems, a small birdhouse and, of course, gardening trowels suitable for little hands. Why not include a stone fairy statue or two? Don’t forget a plastic spotted toadstool as we all know they bring good luck! Just fill the pot with soil, pressing your flower seeds into the peat until they’re completely covered, water them and arrange the rocks and your decorated birdhouse.


Paint A Mug Or Plate


Firstly, give each child a plain white China mug or plate, along with washable markers, decorative stamps and ceramic paint that dries after being baked. Have them sketch out their proposed designs on paper before they tackle the plates, then assist them in drawing it out in the soluble marker. Don’t worry if they make a mistake, at this stage they can simply wash it off, dry the plate and start again. Ceramic tableware make great gifts and if you’re looking for more design tips then Mugshop’s tutorial is perfect. Their Design your own mug – How to. explains both image transfers and personal messages and is fairly simple to understand. Once their masterpiece’s completed, either follow instructions on the ceramic kit or bake the finished item in the oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for thirty minutes.


Funfetti Dough


Be aware that this fantastic play dough recipe is entirely edible, ideal for little ones, but contains an awful amount of sugar so don’t let them eat too much or you’ll have some pretty sick artists to take care of! Funfetti playdough is incredibly simple to make as it uses only two ingredients, funfetti, or colored sprinkles and four tablespoons of powdered sugar. Firstly, you’ll need to make up a ball of dough, then add the sugar to the frosting until it’s all mixed. Check the dough isn’t too sticky, if so just add more powdered sugar until you’re happy. Roll it into a big ball so that it’s smooth not crumbly and add sprinkles!


Fingerprint Family Tree


This is a fantastic project for older kids that are studying genealogy and family trees at school. Fingerprint trees help history to come alive, better still if you can get all your relatives to send you their own colored prints! According to education experts children who know where they come from, who have regular contact with a range of relations and who understand biological traits are much happier and self-assured. You could even turn it into an interactive tree by having family members write messages, record video clips or tell stories over Skype and upload both the audio files and the fingerprint tree online.


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