Meal Planning For Christmas

If you are like me you have probably been stalking the online delivery slots for the Christmas period. Around now most food and drink retailers pop open their Christmas order system and it’s a fight to ensure you get the time and date you want!




So what can you do to make sure that you’re not feeling stressed and rushed in the run up to Christmas, having to do the last minute rush and grab at the local shops?

Make a meal plan.

I always find shopping so much easier with a meal plan and so make sure that I have scheduled the week out and make a list according to the ingredients. Not only does this save time and panic buying it also means I am not wasting any food at all. I have written down what we need from Christmas Day morning until Boxing Day night and then added 3 more evening meals on top of the shopping list. I always wish for snow so it’s good to be prepared for all eventualities!

Look at where you can order from.

I also have a good shop around at Christmas – you can find some great local suppliers rather than always using the big chains, so consider visiting somewhere like your local farm shop. You could even switch up your meat this year by ordering quality goat meat online from Graig Farm, where you know exactly where the produce has been sourced from.

I love looking for local veggie boxes and we have often receive them with really fresh veg (and their own prosecco) delivered on Christmas Eve meaning we have plenty of time to use everything over the following 2 weeks.

Think about your table plan now!

We only have a small table and chair set and need to work out how we can fit 3 adults and 3 children around a 4 person table. We have enough time to invest in a few more chairs or even a new table! Of course you will also need a festive table cloth and napkins as well!

Finally when the day comes it does help to have a cooking rota and a plan! We try to eat for mid day which means a few hours before prepping and ensuring the turkey is in on time! You don’t want hangry kids playing up and snacking on too much of the Christmas chocolate so having a plan you can share with everyone will work out well. If you know someone is always late for dinner then add an extra 30 minutes onto the time when you tell them!

All in all Christmas Day should also be relaxing, you don’t need a hard and fast plan, you don’t even need to have the traditional dinner if that’s not your style but as the big day is drawing closer and the shops become busier, it is worth thinking about saving yourself some stress with a little preparation. That way you can sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy!

Where will you be spending your Christmas Day this year?


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