Maternity Decisions After An Emergency Caesarean

My last birth experience led us from a planned home birth to a very traumatic induction, labour and eventual emergency c-section. In an attempt to calm my fears around birth I am attending a birth options clinic in April to discuss my decision to have a planned c-section with baby number 2.

It wasn’t until I was pregnant that I started to panic around what my birth experience would be like second time around. It is all to easy to think about what might be before you get that positive test. Once you have had a traumatic experience it is easy to think about that and only that when baby number two (or any subsequent babies) is on the way.

I have written so many times about my birth here –  Sunroof Mummy and my birth story here as well as my first thoughts here. There is such a raw emotion 4 years on. Birth experience is so personal to each parent and this is just mine but for me once i saw that positive my mental health started to take a battering with the panic and terror I had pushed back from Fizz’s birth.

At my first appointment with the Midwife on Christmas Eve both Gav and I spoke about our terror at the experience and how it was making us both feel. I know that Gav also post birth stress too. For us this is a joint decision, not just mine.

So what are my options:

Due to my previous history a home birth is out.

I could have a vaginal birth  – A lot of women go on to have these successfully post c-section birth and to be honest I thought this would be me this time around until my anxiety kicked in.

I can opt for a planned c-section – I watched this video of a natural c-section. Very different to an emergency section and no labour.

Each mama has to go through their options and pick the right one for them. Since labour now is the cause of my anxiety I have opted for a planned c-section with my second baby. I know it baffles others when they see I am choosing elective surgery after what is considered ‘natural’ but this feels like the most natural option to me.

Did you have a successful VBAC or have your opted for a planned c-section?

Whichever birth you choose remember it is all about an informed choice. No matter what you choose it is worth going to a birth options clinic so you are aware of all options available and suitable to you.

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  1. Sarah Lewis
    May 9, 2014 / 7:20 am

    Interesting to read this. I asked about natural c-section options when I had an unplanned one at RSCH. If I have another then I’ll take the elective route and see if I can opt for this style of birth.

    I really wanted delayed clamping but now I can’t remember if Poppet was attached or not when I first saw her when the curtain was dropped.

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