Mamma Loves Mummy Mitts

Where to start on this fabulous product well I LOVE IT!!! I was given these to test and review at a time when it was freezing cold, snowing, windy and raining in Brighton, it really was like four seasons in one day.

As soon as I was given the mummy mitts I strapped them to my buggy and instantly my life was made much easier. I have a 2.5 year old daughter who just loves to eat in the buggy and has two much loved toys that go everywhere with her called BunBun and MooMoo (bet you cant guess what they are??) and they are constantly being dropped out the buggy and snacks are constantly being demanded, and said snacks always have fiddly little wrappers so I had pretty much given up on gloves. My hands where fast becoming sore and irritated by the constant changing freezing weather, they were red chapped and looking like alligator skin, it really is not a good look.

The mitts had a lovely long Velcro strip on each glove that would fit round any sized buggy handle as they are also elasticated. The mitt itself is roomy and fleece lined and very handy to slip your hands into, I have very small hands so I really benefited from the size of the glove, it was like having little sleeping bags on each hand. Not long after I had started to walk my mobile phone rang, this was test number one and guess what I was able to get my hands out the gloves with plenty of time to hit my touch screen and not miss the call a big fat PASS. Not long after that my daughter demanded snacks with fiddly wrappers and in the speed of light I had my hand out the glove and the snack produced out of my pocket unwrapped and given to the demanding child who looked a little shocked at how quickly I had managed it on this occasion (normally takes a good 5 mins with a normal pair of gloves.)

The mummymits remained on my buggy for a good few months and still they look brand new, they are easily washed and it does not affect their shape or size. The biggest thumbs up came from my husband who at six foot has massive hands and hates gloves, he loved them and really appreciated them as he gets eczema on his hands and the cold weather and pushing a buggy makes it incredibly sore, he was pleasantly surprised they fitted his big hands and how warm they are, he even quipped they should embroider DM on the front, no not for danger mouse but DADDY MITTS!

Al in all I think this is a fabulous product and one I will be recommending to other mums and purchasing as gifts for friends who live in Brighton and about to have babies to help weather proof their hands. 10/10 from this Brighton Mummy!

Mummy Mitts are £9.99 and are available direct from